Preparing your body for pregnancy again or recovering from the last time around

by Jenny Stephenson

Preparing your body for pregnancy again or recovering from the last time around

At HappySleepers our aim is a good night’s sleep for all the family. Treating sleep as a behaviour that we can work with, listen to and modify, we can get excellent results and in relatively short amounts of time too, and that’s a key part of getting family life back on track. A better rested family is a great platform to build upon but there are also physiological post-partum problems that our clients often come to us with which are not within our remit as child psychologists.

The demands on a new mother are more than enough on their own but there can be persistent problems such as muscular or internal pain after childbirth, hormone imbalances once periods began again, mastitis, excessive levels of fatigue, digestive problems such as diarrhoea and constipation, and anxiety and PND too. Anyone who has suffered from these at this tricky time of life will know that you simply cannot overstate how crippling they can be and there’s not always the most sympathetic support through the usual medical channels.

Naava is founder of The Fertility Support Company. She uses a fusion of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine alongside Western diagnostic techniques to help women to recover after labour as well as support those looking to get pregnant in the first place. Naava is someone we crossed paths with many times over the years with the fringes of our professional focus often overlapping. We get nothing but good feedback from clients we’ve sent her way, so we’d like to officially endorse Naava in this way. The Fertility Support Service is London-based but she’s always worth a call even if it’s for a pointer in the right direction.

You can find read about the Fertility Support Company here and also on Naava’s Facebook page.